105th LHCb Collaboration Meeting

5 – 9 September 2022, Dortmund, Germany

The LHCb Week will be held in memory of our friend and colleague Bernhard Spaan

The LHCb group Dortmund is looking forward to welcome the collaboration to the 105th LHCb Week in September 2022 at TU Dortmund University. After a long period of unwanted isolation, digital meetings and less personal contact we are very happy this LHCb Week will take place in presence.

The LHCb Week will take place on south campus of the university. The Rudolf-Chaudoire-Pavillon will serve as central meeting point for the collaboration. It will be open from 8am to 8pm for the entire week and will offer working places, coffee machines and a good place to get together. The registration desk and the conference secretariat will be located in the pavilion. In case of organizational and personal matters as well as other concerns, members of our group can be found here and are happy to help. The plenary and parallel sessions will take place in the lecture hall directly opposite the pavilion.

Local organising committee:

  • Johannes Albrecht (chair)
  • Britta Stickel (secretariat)
  • The LHCb group Dortmund

Supported by: