The conference venue is located at the south campus of the university. There, the Rudolf-Chaudoire-Pavillion will serve as social meeting point with the helpdesk, coffee machines and working places. Directly opposed to the pavilion, the main lecture hall will be used for plenary sessions, while several seminar rooms are available for parallel sessions.

Technische Universität Dortmund – Campus Süd
Baroper Straße 297
44227 Dortmund

The south campus can be reached by a 15-minute walk from university’s local train station (Dortmund-Universität) located at the north campus. Alternatively, one can use a less than 3 minute trip with a suspended monorail train (H-Bahn), which shuttles between the north and the south campus every 5 minutes.

Please remember that wearing a medical mask is mandatory in public transport in Germany.

Travel advice

From Düsseldorf airport

The optimal way to travel to Dortmund Hbf (Dortmund central station) from Düsseldorf Flughafen (Düsseldorf Airport) is by train. At Düsseldorf Airport, we suggest you take the “SkyTrain” monorail which brings you to the mainline train station “Düsseldorf Flughafen Bahnhof”. From there, regular connections to Dortmund can be found. Please note that the Düsseldorf Airport also has a local S-Bahn train station inside the terminal, but this train only goes to Düsseldorf city centre (which is opposite direction).

From the Düsseldorf Flughafen Bahnhof, you have several options (we suggest using for planning your travel):

  • The slow local train S1 (direction Dortmund Hbf) takes about 70 minutes to get to Dortmund. It stops at the university (Dortmund-Universität) as well.
  • The regional express trains such as RE1 (direction Hamm), RE11 (direction Kassel or Paderborn), RE6 (direction Minden) or RE3 (direction Hamm) will take you to Dortmund Hbf (without stopping at the university!) in about 50 minutes.
  • The intercity (IC) or intercity express (ICE) trains take about the same time to reach Dortmund Hbf, but are more expensive therefore we do not recommend them.

For the regional trains (S1 or RE) the most cost-effective option would be the EinzelTicket Erwachsener (single ticket adult). You have to buy the ticket for Zone D (Preisstufe D) which costs 15.70 EUR, which is valid for 5 hours after being stamped, in any local transport in the region (including buses, trams, etc in Dortmund). This will allow you to reach your hotel from the airport with a single ticket. The same option works (with switched destinations) for the commute back to Düsseldorf Airport from Dortmund, so in total plan 31.40 EUR for both ways.

If you arrive to the Dortmund airport, you have the following options (we suggest using for planning your travel):

  • “Airport express” bus brings you every hour (XX:00) directly to Dortmund Hbf. It is pricey: 9 EUR for a single trip. The ticket can be bought from the ticket machine at the bus stop, or from the driver. This ticket is not valid for any other transport so you will need an additional A3 ticket (price 3.00 EUR) to reach the university.
  • Local bus 490 goes every ~20 minutes to the nearest tram stop called “Aplerbeck”. It costs 3.00 EUR, and the ticket is valid for 90 minutes in any local transport in Dortmund. The ticket can be bought from the ticket machine at the bus stop, or from the driver. From Aplerbeck, take the tram (U47) to reach the Dortmund city center or the Dortmund main station. The bus 440 brings you from Aplerbeck directly to the south campus of the university in about 50 minutes: alight at the stop “Eichlinghofen H-Bahn” and take a 5-minute walk or a short ride on the monorail.

From Dortmund Hbf (main station) to the venue

Take the S1 regional train (usually departs from platform 7 every 15 minutes in the rush hour, direction Solingen / Essen) to the stop Dortmund-Universität. S1 is the only train going to the university, please do not board any other trains.

From Dortmund-Universität, take the monorail “H-bahn” train in direction Eichlinghofen / Campus-Süd (every 10 minutes), alight at Campus-Süd. Alternatively, walk to the “Campus Nord” monorail stop nearby and take the monorail to Campus-Süd (every 5 minutes). Alternatively, take a walk (~15 minutes) – see the map above.

We suggest using for planning your travel from the hotel to the venue. If arriving by city bus, one can go to “Eichlinghofen H-bahn” stop, from where it’s a 5 minute walk or a 1-minute monorail ride. From the city center, one can take the U42 (underground tram) till the stop Barop Parkhaus, and from there bus 440 (direction Oespel/Germania) till the Eichlinghofen H-bahn stop. Alternatively, walk to the train station and use S1.

For your travels in the travel district Dortmund (Preisstufe A3) you can use single tickets Zone A3 (3.00 EUR, valid for 90 minutes) which allow you to use any public transport within city limits of Dortmund, including the H-Bahn monorail on the university campus.
We can also suggest a 10er Ticket (valid for 10 trips) which costs 23,40 EUR.

The handling of the tickets for the excursions will be explained separately.

All tickets can be bought from the ticket machines (all of them should have an option to choose English interface). At the Düsseldorf Airport train station, and Dortmund main station, there are also ticket desks (watch for “VRR” signs).

Scroll to the bottom of this page for explanations on how the ticket machines work in Dortmund.

All public-transport tickets must be stamped before staring your journey. Some ticket machines (the green VRR machines) do this automatically for the A3 single tickets. Some other machines (red DSW21 ones) do NOT stamp your ticket. In that case, you need to do it yourself at the entrance to the platform. Please pay attention to this step.

If you only use H-bahn (the hanging monorail) and not any other transport, you can buy a special H-bahn ticket for 0.90 EUR from the ticket machines at the stations.

How to reach Dortmund?

By plane

A wide range of international flight connections is offered by Düsseldorf Airport, about 60 kilometers away, which can be reached directly by S-Bahn from the university’s train station. Dortmund has also a small airport with some few connections. It takes just over 20 minutes to get to Dortmund Central Station by AirportExpress and from there to the university by S-Bahn.

Your guide to ticket machines in Dortmund

In most of public transport in Dortmund, you have to buy and validate your ticket before boarding. In buses, it is sometimes possible to buy from the driver.

The region has the following price zones: “A3” gives you a ticket for the given city only (e.g. Dortmund) valid for 90 minutes, zone B allows to travel to adjacent cities (valid 2 hours), zone C extends a bit further (3 hours) while zone D covers the whole area (5 hours). Each ticket also has a 24-hour version. You need the ticket A3 to move within Dortmund, and ticket D to reach the Düsseldorf airport. If you join the “industry tour” to Zollverein on Thursday, a ticket B will be needed.

There are essentially three types of ticket machines for public transport you can find in Dortmund. We show below how to buy the “A3” ticket in these machines. Getting other tickets is slightly more complicated – e.g. one needs to use the destination search, or select “other tickets” and navigate from there.

The “green VRR machines” can be found at every train station (including S-bahn). You can buy any regional/local tickets from them; payment by card or cash is possible. Your ticket is normally validated for immediate departure by the machine itself, unless you ask otherwise (see second image).

The “red DSW21 machines” are located in the tram stops (U-bahn), hanging monorail stations (H-bahn) and certain bus stops. You can buy any regional/local tickets from them. Many of these machines only accept cash. Your ticket needs to be validated (as explained below).

The Deutsche Bahn ticket machines sell long-distance train tickets. In Dortmund, it is usually not possible to buy local transport tickets from these machines. Do not use them for local/regional transport.

To validate your tickets (unless they are validated by the ticket machine), insert your ticket in one of these boxes before departure. They can be found next to the ticket machines, or near the entrance to the platform.

The timestamp should appear on your ticket.

Similar devices are installed in all buses.

The ticket on the top is already validated by the machine (note the timestamp on the right).

The ticket on the bottom is not yet validated (note the empty field on the right) and needs to be validated in the box.